How Red Banyan Assists with Construction Company Public Relations

The construction industry is fiercely competitive and business owners who want their companies to stand out should consider the value of a professional public relations agency. Red Banyan specializes in PR for construction companies and can create buzz about your company’s projects, clients and brand in general. Contractors are typically focused on completing construction projects for their clients and have little time to consider ways to enhance their company’s reputation or attain publicity for a standout project.

Our communications team specializes in PR for builders and contractors and understands how to use public relations to increase a company’s forward facing profile. Through targeted marketing, your business will gain credibility and publicity as consumers learn more about the type of projects you build, the work you do and your company’s history and profile. Our construction company public relations experts will review your portfolios so we can better position you for optimum marketability and profit.

Red Banyan’s construction company public relations team will create a media relations plan that will help you attract publicity for your company and its projects and put you on the map as a leader in the industry. All too often, construction businesses skip public relations because they don’t think their business has any news that would interest the public.

Did you know that trade magazines and industry newsletters are good places to publicize construction business promotions and new hires? Our public relations team can share your internal company news with our established media connections to boost your online reputation and improve your brand recognition. Is your company kicking off a big new construction project? Our storytelling experts can highlight your story from the day the first shovelful of dirt is overturned to the day the structure is fully occupied.

How Construction Developers Use Public Relations

Did you know that public relations can help developers get the word out about new projects? Red Banyan specializes in PR for developers and can help shape your messaging so the narrative you share depicts your construction project in the proper light.

Whether you are building high-end homes or housing geared toward the middle market, your messaging matters. We will help you define your target markets, and ensure that potential buyers are in the know. Because we have worked extensively doing PR for developers, we can help you build a strong reputation that will keep customers coming back.

We will create content for your website that focuses on industry trends, and spotlight relevant news to boost your credibility in the construction arena. Whether your company specializes in renovations, rebuilding, or new construction, our construction PR experts will help create buzz about your business.

With new construction projects always underway, highlighting the progress on social media is a great way to stir interest and keep the public informed. By posting compelling photos and engaging video, construction companies can keep viewers interested and engaged. Red Banyan’s social media experts will monitor your posts for input and respond to any negative feedback. We will keep a close eye on all social media interaction related to your brand to determine what your customers like and what doesn’t work.

Why Contractors Need PR

Building a brand that is associated with quality is important if you want your company to surpass the competition. Companies that use social media to showcase new projects, provide construction updates and respond regularly to online comments develop loyal followings. Our public relations team has worked for decades in the construction industry and knows what it takes to get noticed.

We will help you build a strong reputation that attracts new customers and retains old ones. Our PR team will reach out to the media and pitch your construction experts as industry thought leaders. We will make sure your company comes to mind when a reporter needs a quote from an developer. We will keep watch for trending topics so you can weigh in on buzzworthy topics.

Developing an engaging, up-to-date online presence is essential if you want to remain relevant in this competitive industry. What distinguishes your company from others? Are you preparing to build a huge, new development? Have you designed an architecturally unique shopping center? What is it about your project makes it so different?

Our media relations experts will build a story about your project that will engage viewers so that they want to learn more. Is your company family-owned, or a large corporation with a storied past? Does your company website include a “Who We Are” section so potential customers can learn more? Red Banyan’s PR team will create a comprehensive online profile that defines your company and explains how you got started and where you are headed.

How PR Helps Drive Home Sales

Have you ever used a social media campaign to draw attention to home sales? Red Banyan’s social media consultants know how to use social media posts to increase home sales and grow your customer base. We will audit your social media accounts, determine who is following your company and figure out way to expand your online presence. By fine-tuning your marketing campaigns, we can target specific audiences to get you the results you seek.

Our online reputation management experts will keep track of what is being said about your brand online and respond to negative reviews in a timely manner. We will help you establish your reputation as a reliable company that cares about its customer base and guide you through the necessary steps needed to satisfy any unhappy customers.

PR matters for construction companies, and Red Banyan has the necessary construction public relations expertise to you make a big impact.