Public Relations Strategies for Hospitals

Public relations for hospitals has become a necessity in the fiercely competitive field of healthcare. Hospitals of all sizes need to find positive ways to stand out from the rest in an industry that is increasingly overcrowded. Red Banyan’s communications experts know what it takes to build a standout brand that captures your hospital’s unique identity and distinguishes your facility from all others.

Our proven hospital PR strategies rely on a multi-faceted approach that will help you build a trusted brand while instilling patient confidence. Our reputation management experts will use social media, uplifting content, targeted press releases and thought leadership articles to establish your name as a go-to-source for healthcare issues.

Red Banyan’s branding experts will help you define clear PR objectives and focused marketing strategies so we can create a comprehensive public relations plan that will deliver superior performance.

Why Having a PR Strategy is Important for Hospitals

PR for hospitals is a fast-growing niche because the needs of the healthcare industry are unique and specific. Red Banyan’s hospital public relations professionals have decades of experience working in the healthcare industry and understand the complexities associated with this specialty. Our PR consultants are aware of the variety of stakeholders linked to the healthcare industry and know how important outreach is to each audience.

Red Banyan’s seasoned communications team will help you create a solid PR strategy that will allow your organization to engage with physicians, patients, vendors and finance professionals so your messages are conveyed on time and in the language and tone that you desire.

A well-conceived PR strategy will tell your hospital’s story in a compelling way. Consistent messaging will help shape public opinion about the care your hospital provides, its contributions to the community and its overall standing as a healthcare facility. A solid public relations plan is essential to promoting a positive image of the hospital itself, its services, its medical team and its value to the community.

Hospital PR Best Practices

Hospitals that successfully promote their brand work well with media outlets and understand the value of establishing trusted relationships with news sources. Red Banyan’s media outreach professionals can train your staff in media relations, so they know what to expect when they work with reporters. We will help your staff prepare for on-camera interviews by conducting mock interviews, so they feel confident when the opportunity arises. We will also teach you how to write engaging press releases that will help get your hospital news coverage.

If your hospital has not identified a public relations spokesperson, we will help you select someone and assist with his or her training. If you do not want to be involved with the media, then Red Banyan’s PR team can serve as your media liaison, so you do not have designate a staffer to work with the press.

Working with media can provide excellent opportunities to share information about hospital programs, new hires, threats to public health and groundbreaking medical treatments. Red Banyan’s hospital PR strategists have a thorough knowledge of hospital operations and have experience in employee relations, community relations, public policy as it relates to hospitals, government affairs and lobbying.

Build Your Hospital’s Brand

Whether you like it or not, the media is key in shaping public opinion about your hospital. Positive stories help promote a positive image about your healthcare facility, which can result in more patients, more positive reviews, and more funding for services and programs.

The court of public opinion carries great sway. Red Banyan’s media relations experts understand that interviews, statements, online commentary and articles can influence the way your hospital is perceived publicly. Our media relations team can create engaging content that will help shape the public narrative and make sure your messaging builds a recognizable, positive image. We will craft content that will hold the interest of your customers and keep pace with other healthcare entities.

Through targeted messaging, we will help you maintain positive relationships with existing patients and vendors while reaching out to new ones. Our hospital PR experts will help you build your hospital’s unique brand by creating a unified message to weave into all your communications.

Monitor Social Media and the Latest News Coverage

Social media is an important tool for hospitals that need to share information quickly with diverse communities. If your hospital already uses social media, Red Banyan’s social media consultants will conduct an audit to measure its effectiveness and provide suggestions for improvement. If you are new to social media, our communications team will create a comprehensive social media footprint for your organization, help produce relevant content and respond to online commentary if necessary.

Social media is an effective way to raise public awareness about new services, new programs or annual health concerns. Our communications team will find real-life examples of  patient-doctor success stories and pitch them to medical reporters so your organization can be included in media coverage on current events. We will also help your medical experts establish reputations as go-to sources for healthcare stories through the strategic placement of thought leadership articles.

Why Hire an Experienced Hospital PR Team

PR for hospitals is a growing specialty whose importance cannot be overlooked. In a world where misinformation can spin out of control at lightning speed, it is essential to be in touch with PR professionals who can react quickly. Red Banyan’s communications experts understand that hospital PR includes everything from patients and employees, to medical staff, visitors and vendors, and requires a broad understanding of the industry.

Our hospital communications professionals have years of experience working in healthcare and are prepared to handle any scenario that may arise. We know firsthand what works and what does not work. Our media relations experts include former reporters who have a personal understanding of what makes news, what reporters need to cover a story and how to control a narrative so the story that is being told is the story that you want. We can help you create content that defines your organization, and then share it with the public to promote your brand in a positive way.

Red Banyan’s seasoned hospital PR specialists will provide your hospital with the guidance, media savvy and communications expertise needed to successfully navigate today’s competitive healthcare industry.