Why Having a PR Strategy is Important for Universities

Education PR is essential for schools and universities if they want to share their messages with the community, publicize their academic programs and gain support for the funding needed to keep them in operation. Red Banyan’s education public relations experts have the experience and background to effectively showcase schools, find the most interesting community stories and create educational PR campaigns that will showcase a school’s academics.

Whether your educational institution provides public education or private education, the information it shares is what builds community support for the school’s programs.

Education public relations allows schools, including universities and colleges, to better focus on the groups they serve, and operate in a manner that reaches their target audiences more effectively. Education PR promotes community outreach and creates bridges among interested groups and parties.

Red Banyan’s public relations professionals understand that outstanding communication is key to providing the kind of PR storytelling that will highlight your school’s programs and attract community support.

Connecting Universities and Students Using PR

Our education public relations team knows that effective PR benefits schools by facilitating communication between school officials, government entities, the community and students. Good communication promotes improved parental participation in school activities and also improves the overall quality of that involvement.

Red Banyan’s education communications consultants can help connect your school with students by using a variety of social media platforms, working with the media and linking up with parents in the community. We know how tricky it can be to understand today’s complicated multi-channel communications landscape. Our public relations experts will make sure your educational institution’s essential messages are conveyed effectively to its target audience.

We will also work with the media to help ensure that your important news is conveyed to the public in a manner that highlights its value to your student body. Red Banyan’s PR experts include seasoned professionals with decades of experience handling public relations who will create an effective, strategic communications plan.

Media Relations Best Practices for Education Institutions

Working with the media can be tricky, but Red Banyan’s education public relations team is uniquely qualified to attract the best coverage possible for your school. Our diverse team of PR professionals includes former reporters who understand what it takes to capture the attention of the news media, so you receive effective coverage.

Our media relations professionals know that news outlets can be effective and powerful in helping a school share its internal news, essential information and financial needs with the community. Red Banyan’s PR team can draft press releases that will captivate, share stories that will engage and teach your staff how to conduct media interviews.

If you have never experienced a media interview, we will help you prepare by doing mock interviews and question-and-answer sessions. Or, if you are uneasy about responding to media queries on your own, Red Banyan’s public relations professionals will serve as your school’s media relations liaison and take charge of all media interviews.

School Public Relations

The communications needs of schools are constantly changing, especially in an era that is characterized by a chaotic, multi-channel communications landscape. Red Banyan’s PR professionals understand how important it is to accurately convey your school’s academic achievements, highlight its unique programs and garner community support for its fundraisers to meet budget needs.

Red Banyan’s education public relations team will use PR to create an integrated messaging plan to share your school’s mission and vision with your students, their parents and all the school’s relevant stakeholders. It is important for the community to understand the range of programs and services your school provides to fully appreciate the difference your institution makes on a daily basis.

Our communications team will review your school’s media footprint to determine if more attention should be devoted to news coverage, blogging and press releases. Red Banyan’s media outreach professionals can also help your professors gain recognition as thought leaders in their specific fields of education.

We will share your expertise with our media sources so you will be on their radar the next time they need a subject matter expert with your credentials.

Internal Communications and PR for Schools

Comprehensive school communication across all channels is what promotes positive parental and community engagement. Red Banyan’s content creation team understands the value of efficient internal communications and can handle your school’s e-newsletters, brochures, blogs, website updates and internal memos.

We have extensive experience translating complicated matters into simple terms so you never have to worry that your message will be lost due to complex language.  Our content writing experts can share information about school fundraisers, school awards, sports events, student affairs and testing schedules. Red Banyan’s education public relations team will use its storytelling skills to promote improved student academic achievement and more active community involvement.

Private universities, public universities, public schools and private schools can all greatly improve their community connections using Red Banyan’s comprehensive internal communications services. Keeping track of communications channels is more challenging than ever with the primacy of social media. Our internal communications experts will keep track of what is being said about your school internally, so you always have a comprehensive picture of how your school’s image is being viewed by employees, teachers and other administrative workers.

Education Public Relations

Red Banyan’s team of education PR professionals will prepare a detailed crisis communications plan for your school before you need one, so you are prepared in time of emergency. Our education crisis communications plan will outline what should be said, who should receive  information and how that information should be shared when a crisis occurs. We will prepare your team for disaster, so you are ready to keep your employees, students and stakeholders informed when the unexpected happens.

Our education crisis communications experts will teach you how to effectively communicate your messages and determine the best ways to share that information, whether it is texting, press releases, social media or news articles. Red Banyan can also help your school select someone to serve as a media spokesperson, and then train this individual to conduct on-camera interviews. We will also maintain a list of relevant media contacts so you can push out your messages quickly in case of emergency.

Red Banyan’s education PR experts have specialized skills to help schools, universities and colleges convey essential information that is key to promoting community involvement, student engagement and academic achievement.