Arts Crisis Management Planning for Arts and Culture Industry

Crisis communications and planning is essential for all industries, and the arts are no exception. In a world fueled by social media meltdowns and the “cancel culture” phenomenon, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected with a ready-to-go plan of action. The success of emergency crisis management for arts and culture hinges on preparation. Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts will guide your organization through this process so you are never caught off guard. Our crisis management team will walk you through each step so you can act quickly and prevent any long-term consequences.

Crisis planning for arts and culture should be an essential part of your organization’s communications plan. Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts in the arts and culture industry are familiar with the special circumstances that can arise. CEO Evan Nierman was quoted in a story in ArtNet focused on anonymous attacks against museums.

Our team of crisis PR professionals has decades of hands-on experience to address a range of complex scenarios. Our crisis communications professionals have expertise dealing with canceled events, artists who fail to show, lost revenue, allegations of improper conduct, facility closures and operational issues related to COVD-19 that involve health and safety.

How to Overcome a Crisis as an Arts and Culture Leader

Successfully addressing a crisis depends on whether you have a well-prepared communications plan in place when you need it. Red Banyan’s crisis management team will help you develop a cohesive communications strategy that will create a step-by-step checklist so you will know exactly what to do first when something goes wrong. Our team of communications consultants have handled everything from artist cancellations to facility closures.

We will make sure you have emergency plans in place that address the notification of ticket holders, donors and other stakeholders so all involved parties are included in your crisis plan. Businesses that do not plan for crises may be forced to create a crisis communications plan on the fly, and risk overlooking important stakeholders.

Red Banyan’s public relations expert know how important it is to confront a crisis quickly, collect the facts and tell the story before someone else does. Our crisis communications professionals know that it is better to share your story on your own terms instead of being forced to respond to a narrative that is first published by the media.

Our crisis communications team will help your organization assess any crisis you may experience and take hold of the narrative so you can limit any long-term consequences that may arise.

Dealing with Lost Revenue and Closures During a Pandemic

Theaters and museums are among the many cultural centers that have dealt with unexpected and prolonged closures due to the ongoing pandemic. And as COVID-19 continues to be a destabilizing force in the arts, the need for crisis planning is more important than ever. Many venues in the arts arena have switched to virtual events, but even those can have unexpected glitches.

Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts understand that the pandemic has sparked scenarios no one ever envisioned. The extreme unpredictability is all the more reason to seek advice from Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts so you can fully address these unexpected situations.

A crisis plan will outline whether ticketholders will be reimbursed or credited for the money they spent if an artist cancels. A crisis plan will also address employee furloughs and layoffs, and whether artists or exhibitors are paid if events are canceled at short notice. Red Banyan’s crisis communications experts are aware there may legal obligations such as union agreements to consider. A well-thought-out crisis communications plan will touch upon all these important issues.

Communications Planning for the Arts

Communicating effectively with all stakeholders during a crisis is essential to success. Red Banyan’s crisis communications team has experience working with arts and culture leaders and understands how important messaging can be in an emergency. Poor communication during a crisis can fuel suspicion and stir up rumors.

Our team of communications experts will take charge of the narrative and share the next steps with all relevant parties. We will make sure your organization’s communications with the public are transparent and reassuring. We will also review your internal communications to make sure your employees have  a clear understanding of what your company is doing to resolve any problems and move the organization forward.

Red Banyan’s media relations experts will also help you develop a strategy to deal with the press. A central part of this plan is identifying a public relations officer who can deal with the media when a crisis occurs. Our staff is comprised of former reporters who have a deep understanding of what reporters seek. We can train your spokesperson so he or she is comfortable with both on-camera and face-to-face interviews. We will also help you create media lists and identify your press allies before a crisis occurs.

Effective crisis management requires anticipating the pros and cons of every situation and being prepared to address both. Red Banyan’s crisis PR experts will help you identify key issues so you can address them all in the context of public benefits.

Crisis Management for Non-Profit Art Venues

When an emergency occurs, it is important that non-profit venues communicate regularly with all stakeholders. Red Banyan’s crisis management team will compile a list of important contacts that includes members of the Board of Trustees, staff and artists, funders and major donors, patrons and community, and vendors and partners. We will share crisis planning details with the stakeholders as needed. 

Our crisis communication professionals will help identify your organization’s strengths and make sure you are able to leverage your organization’s assets in an emergency. We will also create mock scenarios that range from business as usual to a cessation in services, so your staff is prepared for every possibility. Red Banyan’s specialists in crisis management for arts and culture can provide your organization with the necessary tools to respond to crises with the most favorable outcome possible.