Why PR Matters for Corporations

Red Banyan is an international PR and crisis communications agency that provides traditional PR for manufacturers, B2B public relations and corporate PR services. Our PR and communications experts have decades of manufacturer crisis PR management and understand what it takes to make sure your organization stands out from the crowd.

We have handled public relations for manufacturers and entrepreneurs from a range of industries that include automotive, steel, art, textiles and many more. We understand the value of top notch customer service and know how to promote your services in a way that consumers will take notice.

Our PR agency has the experience and skills to promote your company and spotlight your products or services, so your brand is elevated above all others.

Red Banyan’s team of industrial public relations and crisis PR professionals know how important it is to distinguish yourself from the competition and highlight why your business is the best. We have the storytelling skills to get your brand noticed so customers understand what makes your company special.

Positive public relations can make a good business into a great one by showcasing employee accomplishments, industry awards, and positive reviews.

Manufacturers and Industrial Businesses

Red Banyan’s team of PR experts includes former reporters who have existing relationships with the media.

Our media relations experts understand what the press needs for a story and can pitch ideas and write press releases that will capture the media’s attention and get you the positive attention you seek.

Our corporate, manufacturing and industrial clients range from large too small. We provide tailored PR programs for every size of business.

Our PR experts know how to create public relations campaigns that make our small clients appear bigger than life so they can compete more effectively. Our talented team can disseminate information quickly and efficiently, so your business news gets to customers fast.

Red Banyan’s PR team can elevate a small business’s competitive edge by increasing its public megaphone so it can effectively complete with much bigger companies that have much larger budgets. In the competitive marketplace, it is important to remember that perception is reality.

Consumers might wrongly believe a small business will provide fewer or less sophisticated services simply because it is small. A tailored PR campaign that highlights the company’s broad range of services as well as its affordable prices would eliminate any wrong perceptions about the business’s offerings.

Red Banyan specializes in PR campaigns for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are trying to break from the pack and turn heads.

Manufacturer Public Relations Case Studies

All too often manufacturers and corporations miss opportunities to tell their stories because they are not aware that they have important stories to tell.

Red Banyan’s PR consultants know that storytelling is an excellent way to engage customers and will find relevant company news and share it in press releases, on social media, and in custom content such as blogs that can be posted on the company’s website.

Crisis PR is another Red Banyan specialty. Our crisis PR experts have extensive experience with “cancel culture,” social media meltdowns and personnel problems, which can affect how a manufacturer or corporation is perceived.

Red Banyan deals regularly with businesses that have been harassed by online mobs or have lost businesses because unhappy customers have posted negative or inaccurate reviews online.

Our social media experts will audit your social media channels, review all commentary and respond to anything negative. Ignoring unfavorable comments or reviews can exacerbate the problem and results in an even more untenable situation.

Our team of social media gurus will tamp down any online shenanigans and create positive content to switch the narrative to one that is more favorable to your brand. We also have extensive experience in recall PR.

How PR Can Help Your Manufacturing Business

Red Banyan’s team of PR professionals can get your business noticed with a wide range of uplifting PR. We will spread the word about your products and services by sharing news about your positive corporate culture, your business’s exceptional abilities and by positioning company executives as thought leaders in their industry.

Good publicity reinforces a brand’s credibility and also creates goodwill toward that brand. Red Banyan’s PR team will find internal stories about employees, programs and services and share them on social media.

Our public relations consultants will also find corporate awards to apply for and submit the applications on your behalf so your good work can be recognized by your industry peers.

We will set up interviews with your C-suite executives, write press releases about company news, and arrange meetings with reporters when your manufacturing business has a newsworthy development.

Our PR experts will also find speaking opportunities at industry-specific events, help you create podcasts and work with the mainstream media to market your product line.

Public Relations Strategies for Manufacturing Companies

Red Banyan’s crisis PR and industrial public relations agency works regularly with manufacturers and corporations to provide advice, publicity, and strategic communications that will set your business apart from others.

Distinguishing your company from the pack is an ongoing challenge. Red Banyan’s PR services can help you level the playing field and compete with the big businesses. In a competitive world, it is essential to have a competitive edge. Red Banyan’s expertise and media savvy will take your company’s PR efforts to the next level.

Our corporate clients rely on our team to create media opportunities that will let them shine. Our social media experts also know how to position companies on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to showcase their products and services. Social media posts also make a business appear more personable.

Red Banyan’s manufacturer and corporate communications services will provide the support, backup and new ideas that your business needs to move forward in a competitive market.