What is Government Relations?

Government relations is the branch of public relations that helps an organization communicate with governmental publics. But capturing the attention of a busy government agency that is fraught with bureaucracy can be challenging and frustrating.

Red Banyan’s experienced PR professionals have decades of experience working with local, state, municipal and federal governments and know how to get the job done. Our governmental affairs consultants have extensive experience handling PR for governments and can provide the expertise and guidance you require to convey your message to the relevant parties.

Our expert government communications team understands how politics and government mesh, so we are sufficiently equipped to meet your needs, influence governmental agencies and all the related parties, and help you establish the key relationships you need to achieve the desired outcome.

In addition to the agencies and their professional staff members, our government relations consultants work regularly with local, state and federal legislators. As a result, we are familiar with the governmental process. We will create an action plan to convey your message and guide you through the twists and turns that can compose government relations. Whether you’re focusing on a municipality, state or federal entity, Red Banyan’s seasoned PR experts can help navigate the process.

What is Government Affairs PR?

Red Banyan’s government relations professionals know how important relationships are with government leaders and will teach you how to capture and hold the interest of any relevant parties. Our communications team has worked in government affairs for years and is familiar with the complexities associated with the legislative process and associated or involved parties.

Red Banyan’s PR consultants will create a roadmap that will show you how to locate key players and connect with them.  This ensures that your organization’s needs and concerns are front and center before any related decisions are finalized.  We will make certain that your company’s message is strategically positioned to produce the best results.

Have you dealt with government entities in the past with unfavorable results? Red Banyan’s PR experts know that established relationships are key to producing favorable results. A successful track record hinges on years of experience.

Our PR experts know how to navigate the government because they have worked in the field for so many years with proven results. The relationships we have forged with government agencies over time is what sets Red Banyan apart from others.

Government Agency Communications

Successful communication with governmental agencies is about established relationships and understanding how to navigate the system and present powerful and accurate information to decisionmakers. The expert government communications professionals at Red Banyan are familiar with the intricacies of local, state and federal government and have the contacts and knowledge to convey your message to the right entity at the right time.

Our experience sets us apart from other crisis communications and PR agencies. Our proven record of working with government agencies is what ensures optimal outcomes.

We know how to help you navigate what can be a frustrating maze of government bureaucracy and produce satisfactory results that are second to none. Our PR efforts can also help implement public policy by guiding the news media in its coverage of government activities and events.

How Red Banyan Assists Federal, State, and Local Agencies

Capturing the attention and interest of local, state, and federal government agencies can be challenging but Red Banyan’s experienced government communications team has the established relationships that will get you noticed.

Our government PR experts know that government entities are busy and often understaffed and are aware of how easy it can be to be overlooked. Our public relations professionals will tailor your messaging in a manner that will get stir interest and garner the attention your organization seeks.

Our PR consultants can create a communications plan that will highlight the goals of your organization’s mission while conveying relevant information about government activities. Our communications team will inform government entities about your organization’s purpose and explain why it is in their best interest to work with you and further your cause.

We know how to conduct specialized research and can devise a public relations campaign showcasing your organization’s strengths to legislators.

We will help you formulate a strategic plan and instruct you how to work with elected officials, making the government relations process less intimidating. Red Banyan’s PR experts will also show you how to find out when legislators are working on topics that are related to your cause and teach you how to track their records.

Public Relations Strategies for Government Agencies

Here’s a quick primer on how PR for government works. It’s important to understand exactly what public relations for governments entails. Public relations focuses on an organization’s connection to the government and bridges the gap between that organization and the government.

Red Banyan’s government affairs experts understand how important it is to build a favorable image for your organization by generating positive publicity instead of relying on advertising to do the job.

Our PR experts are skilled storytellers who have existing relationships with news outlets that are hungry for relevant content. Our veteran PR consultants can assist with branding, help with writing and blogging, provide guidance for PR campaigns as well as drafting press releases. We know the value of quality content and can steer you through the writing process or handle your content needs in-house.

Red Banyan’s government communications professionals also have expertise monitoring public policy proceedings, reaching out to government regulators and other politicians, and working side-by-side with lobbyists. We have years of experience designing marketing campaigns, managing social media platforms and conducting market research to ensure your organization’s message is properly positioned.