Government public relations is the branch of public relations that helps an organization communicate with governmental agencies. Capturing the attention of a busy government agency can be challenging and frustrating.

Government relations consulting requires an understanding of the legislative process and the key players involved. Our government affairs PR consultants routinely pitch important stories that get local, state, and national coverage.

Successful communication with governmental agencies is about establishing relationships, understanding how to navigate the system, and presenting powerful and accurate information to decision-makers. Strategically positioning your company’s message through public affairs PR will produce the best results and often relies on governmental affairs consultants.


Public affairs refer to matters that concern the public through policy or politics. Communicating more effectively with legislators, political interest groups and the media is at the heart of public affairs and governmental relations consulting.

Influencing government policy is uniquely challenging as it demands expertise in how to reach all three of these constituents.

Creating a communications plan that highlights your organization’s mission and conveying relevant information about the intersection of your organization and government activities is difficult to do and is a major first step when pursuing a public affairs strategy.

Executing the plan, including getting stories placed in the media, opinion pieces placed in relevant outlets, submitting letters to government agencies, creating conversation on social media, and garnering in-person meetings, takes work, but will yield can real and effective results.

Successfully working in government public relations hinges on relationships and experience in public affairs pr.


Red Banyan acts as a government relations consultant and is uniquely positioned in this space to support our clients with this work. We count not-for-profits, advocacy organizations, foreign governments, government agencies, and whistleblowers among our clients. Red Banyan’s PR experts will make sure your organization has a seat at the table when major decisions are underway that could impact your organization.