There exists a misconception among many business owners that public relations is just another marketing tool.

“We already have great advertising and very robust sales, so we don’t really need PR help,” is a common explanation of why many companies do not include PR services in their business plan.

Having recruited the help from advertising and marketing firms, many executives simply overlook the numerous benefits that public relations can provide for their business.

The truth is, public relations can do much more for your business than increasing your media presence and boosting your sales. Professionally executed strategic PR counsel can build your brand’s reputation and position it within your industry in a way that advertising and marketing would never be able to achieve.

Public relations is about fostering valuable relationships with key influencers that communicate directly with your customers. Be they industry experts, financial analysts, trendsetters or the media, these influencers have a unique ability to establish you as an industry leader and inspire or solidify public trust in your brand.

PR helps tell your brand’s unique story, setting you apart from the competition. It communicates your vision to your current and potential customer base in a way that captures their imagination and creates brand loyalty.

Public relations is about generating organic personal connections between your brand and the world. This does not happen overnight, and is a result of a continuous and laborious effort. But unlike marketing and advertising, strategic PR provides long-term benefits that can fuel your business for years to come.

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