Delivery company UPS demonstrated deep communications savvy with its recent employee-focused “Be the Brand” campaign.

UPS competitor FedEx faced a crisis last year when a video of a FedEx driver mistreating a customer’s package went viral. UPS took notice and proactively took action.

The FedEx incident apparently reminded UPS that its employees are the face of the company and thus, should feel empowered and appreciated in order for UPS to be successful. UPS launched its “Be the Brand” campaign aimed at educating and inspiring drivers about their important role at the company.

The initiative generated a video entitled “UPS Drivers Rock!” produced solely from unscripted smart phone footage of real-life interactions between UPS drivers and their customers. The video was shared and promoted on the company’s employee intranet, YouTube and Facebook pages, and became a hit with UPS employees and customers alike.

UPS wisely learned from a competitor’s crisis and got ahead of a potential threat with a creative campaign that motivated its employees and boosted the company brand. The unique campaign demonstrated the power of positive communications in a large corporation, and did a great job of putting a human face (or in this case faces) on the company.

To watch the video, visit the UPS YouTube channel.