Leading technology and business publication Venture Beat recently published an insightful piece on the “10 PR mistakes you need to resolve in 2014.” The article reiterates core communications fundamentals that RBG regularly emphasizes on this blog, and many of these common follies are the same ones we frequently cite when analyzing current campaigns or crisis management responses.

The 10 biggest PR mistakes companies often make as listed in the article are as follows:

  1. Your PR goals lack strategy
  2. Your CEO is your only spokesperson
  3. Product launches are your only stories
  4. The product “goes live” the second it’s ready
  5. You don’t reach enough reporters
  6. You don’t leverage events
  7. You rely on inexperienced people to run PR
  8. You don’t keep a record
  9. You think PR exists in a vacuum
  10. You give up at the wrong time

Inspired and driven by our tagline, everything Red Banyan Group does is “rooted in strategy,” just as this article notes that as all successfully communications efforts must be. Too often people think of specific tactics without putting together a reasoned strategy for how these items fit into the bigger picture. As #9 on the list points out, PR does not exist in a vacuum. It should be a part of all elements of communications and events, and all events and communications should be leveraged to enhance PR.

Ensure that your company isn’t guilty of any of the common blunders listed here, and you’ll be far ahead of the curve.