On Tuesday morning, millions of Good Morning America (GMA) viewers were introduced to a groundbreaking new vision correction procedure performed by the nation’s leading vision correction provider TLC Laser Eye Centers.

America’s most popular morning news show visited TLC Laser Eye Centers at one of its top nationwide locations to showcase the KAMRA inlay, a revolutionary new technology that makes it possible for people to reduce or even possibly eliminate the need for reading glasses.

Renowned TLC surgeon Dr. Andrew Holzman, who performed the procedure showcased on GMA, articulately explained the technology behind it:

“A small plastic-like disc about 1/3 the size of a contact lens and ¼ the thickness of a human hair is implanted into a patient’s cornea. The implant blocks the unfocused rays of light and allowing patients to see the full range of vision from distance to near clearly.”

Red Banyan Group congratulates TLC Laser Eye Centers on this well-deserved coverage of its incredible and innovative work that continues to positively enhance the lives of millions of people every day.

In case you missed Tuesday’s episode of GMA, you can watch the TLC segment online at: