Just one day after the most recent Carnival PR crisis, the Miami-based cruise line has encountered mechanical issues on yet another one of its ships out at sea.

The 2,124-passenger Carnival Legend reportedly developed a problem with the propulsion system today, near the end of a seven-day cruise through the Caribbean. Instead of making its final stop in Grand Cayman, the vessel will instead spend the last days of its venture slowing chugging its way to Tampa.

While Carnival has become all too familiar with the media limelight over the past 15 months, this is the first instance of simultaneous Carnival PR challenges. A statement from Carnival’s CEO earlier this week announced the cruise line’s plans to conduct safety reviews of its entire fleet. However, the statement has been completely overshadowed by the two separate instances of ships experiencing technical complications.

To save its battered reputation, Carnival should address the cumulative problems head on and pledge specific steps to prevent similar issues from recurring in the future. Given the epidemic of problems aboard its ships, the beleaguered company must put its damage control efforts into overdrive if it hopes to keep its reputation afloat long-term.