The ongoing Carnival Cruise Lines PR crisis is beginning to seem inescapable.  In the latest turn of events, the crippled Carnival Triumph broke free from its port yesterday, leading to yet another troubling situation for the cruise line.

While experiencing winds in excess of 70 miles per hour at its Mobile, Alabama dock, the Triumph was reportedly set adrift when the ship came loose from its moorings.  Tugboats quickly returned the boat to shore, where it has been undergoing repairs since its “cruise from hell” in February. As the Red Banyan blog reported, a power outage on the Triumph left thousands of passengers stranded in the Gulf of Mexico in unsanitary conditions.

Though the Carnival damage control efforts have vastly improved since the Costa Concordia tragedy, continued controversies just keep adding fuel to the fire. To maintain any hope of recovering its image, Carnival must take concrete steps to ensure that all problems are fully resolved and that the company effectively communicates its commitment to public safety and provides positive experiences for its customers.