It’s been a tough year with the ongoing pandemic, skyrocketing unemployment and divisive political polarization. Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman discusses in YEC/Forbes why these factors are contributing to the rising need for crisis PR.

Red Banyan is a global crisis communications agency that specializes in crisis PR, crisis communications management, “cancel culture,” media relations and online reputation repair.

Social media and a tendency to err on the side of outrage has created the perfect storm for escalating conflict, Evan says in the article. As a result, the skills of crisis PR experts are needed now more than ever.

In the article, Evan explains why so many organizations are turning to crisis communications for help.

“It’s no wonder the need for crisis communications is on the rise. The pandemic restrictions, a staggering death toll and subsequent vaccine controversy have produced a population that reacts quickly to the slightest provocation,” Evan notes in the article. 

The need for crisis PR is on the rise. Red Banyan CEO discusses this trend in Forbes. Share on X

“Add in the power of social media, and it is clear why the need for crisis PR experts continues to grow. What’s more, people who are looking to air their beefs can do it online with lightning speed and cause maximum damage in a minimum amount of time,” Evan says.

He adds, “…stakeholders are turning to crisis communications experts to help cope with emotional disruption, disenfranchised workers and the need to craft messaging that clarifies, unifies and supports all parties in times of extreme uncertainty.” 

In the YEC/Forbes article, Evan discusses five reasons why the need for crisis PR is on the rise and explains why online reputation repair has become a necessity in this age of social media. 

“Businesses that are targeted in online attacks cannot afford to allow their reputations to become tarnished,” Evan notes in the article.

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