Leading crisis management firm Red Banyan Group was once again called upon for its expert opinion on one of the hottest communications topics of the day – the failed rollout of HealthCare.gov.

RBG Founder and Principal Evan Nierman was interviewed recently by Washington-based, healthcare publication Inside Health Insurance Exchanges. Nierman provided a detailed, professional assessment of the how the administration has handled the website’s technical struggles thus far, and what should be done to communicate more effectively and regain the trust of the American public.

“The administration needs to offer the public more specific information about what is being done to fix the problems, rather than speaking generally and using vague terms like ‘technical surge’ or promising that ‘the best and the brightest’ are being brought in to address the flaws,” said Nierman. He also noted the need for an improved social media presence for the program, if it hopes to reach young adults.

Read the full story in the publication’s latest newsletter.