Red Banyan Group client The Henry Jackson Society today released the most in-depth report ever compiled on al-Qaeda terrorism in America at a Washington, D.C. launch.

The room at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) was filled to capacity with a crowd of 200 that included dozens of top-tier journalists and camera crews from CBS, FOX and other international news outlets.

Robin Simcox, the author of the report, delivered a riveting presentation that focused on key findings pulled from his thorough 700-plus page report.  Former CIA and NSA Director Gen. Michael Hayden provided the crowd with insightful remarks on the significance of this unprecedented study.

A tremendous buzz has developed around the new report and the useful data that it provides to the public at large and counterterrorism, intelligence and homeland security policy experts. The highly-engaged media in attendance at the event posed a number of questions to Simcox and Hayden during the public forum before retiring to a private room for an additional media briefing.

Newsweek published a piece on the report this morning, and The Henry Jackson Society was also featured as part of major segment on Fox News today.