When it comes to crisis communications, social media has forever altered the landscape. Online attacks can morph into career-changing catastrophes that can spin out of control with lightning speed. 

The wildly-popular short-form, video-sharing app TikTok has further increased the potential for online mayhem. With approximately 100 million active monthly users in the U.S. alone, online attacks can be serious business.

Case Study

In one recent incident, Red Banyan’s crisis management and social media experts were called to action when a significant social media influencer became embroiled in a brewing scandal involving allegations of sexual misconduct.

Red Banyan’s social media and online reputation repair experts stepped in to create a social media strategy to de-escalate a situation that was attracting negative mainstream media attention and adversely affecting our client’s social media following.

Crisis PR was an absolute must for our client: the inflammatory allegations could have derailed an important financial deal if the negative media coverage was not nipped in the bud.

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What’s more, the controversy was tarnishing our client’s reputation and sparking increasingly dramatic online confrontations with several other social media influencers.

Red Banyan’s crisis PR team got to work within minutes of receiving the influencer’s call and immediately began assessing the situation. Our team of social media specialists were able to provide much-needed counsel in the early hours of the crisis, making sure the influencer did not make things worse by acting in a rash manner.

Our crisis management team successfully dissuaded individual supporters and family members from doing or saying anything online or offline that would have exacerbated the situation. 

We guided everyone involved in this dustup to a peaceful and measured resolution by de-escalating the situation, resolving the issues at hand, taking the conversation offline and bringing people together face-to-face in a safe space so they could all be heard.

We were able to address the serious issues outside the public eye without creating negative consequences for those involved. Red Banyan’s quick-thinking crisis PR pros defused this TikTok time bomb before it blew up and caused irreparable damage.

Ultimately, Red Banyan’s crisis response team was able to help this client create a clear path to an optimal outcome. 

By tamping down the negative media coverage, safeguarding our client’s reputation and online following, and preventing the situation from escalating, our client’s financial interests were protected and a key business deal allowed to proceed.

Red Banyan’s expertise in strategic communications and social media turned a potentially disastrous online attack into a manageable misunderstanding.