Red Banyan CEO and founder Evan Nierman, an expert in crisis PR, has recently joined forces with Fast Company as a member of their Executive Board. He has recently written two articles on workplace wins and challenges. 

Fast Company is a digital magazine that caters to “business leaders who want to network and share their expertise and business accomplishments.” Evan’s involvement with Fast Company underscores his dedication to entrepreneurship and the changing work environment.

The invitation-only Executive Board is open to CEOs, company founders and senior-level executives whose businesses meet certain financial parameters. Authors and regular contributors to industry publications, websites or international outlets may also be eligible for membership.

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Evan’s article, “The 15-minute meeting that could transform your company” highlights his take on the value of morning business meetings. In the article, Evan explains why a 15-minute morning “huddle” is so effective.

“The real beauty of the huddle is in its length. Keeping it to just 15 minutes ensures it never drags on while your team members get restless,” Evan explains in the article. A morning huddle sets the tone for the day, connects employees who are working remotely and energizes the team as a whole, Evan points out.

“Making the huddle the first order of the day creates an opportunity to “meet” face to face and gives people a good reason to show up on time every morning. Everyone is present and accounted for and has to be dialed in, both literally and figuratively,” Evan says in the Fast Company article.

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In his second Fast Company article, “Distraction is dysfunction,” Evan talks about how the lack of quiet time is harming creativity. He notes that constant interruptions from our devices in the form of tweets, posts, messages, and alerts make it nearly impossible to think out of the box. He advocates for silence.

“Original thoughts and new ideas emanate, percolate, and rise to the surface during the times we allow our minds to go places they have never been,” Evan wrote in the article. “Those thoughts can get squelched if you spend your time continually scrolling through social media feeds, refreshing your email, mindlessly watching TikTok videos, or on any one of a number of other things that people do on their phones.”

To avoid wasting time on social media, Evan suggests following a detailed plan every day, addressing your most complicated project first and turning off all the notifications on your device.

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Evan is a media-savvy crisis management expert whose experience and background has made him a sought-after source by the media. He is a widely-quoted crisis and reputation rehabilitation expert who has been interviewed by top-tier media including dozens of international, national and local print, TV and online outlets.

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