Red Banyan Founder and CEO Evan Nierman is featured on Mooch FM in an Oct. 8th wide ranging interview with Anthony Scaramucci that touches on Nierman’s new book Crisis Averted, the Royals, and Scaramucci’s own 2017 public meltdown.

During the podcast, Evan explains what inspired him to write his new crisis communications book and how the “flipside of crisis is opportunity.” He also shares his thoughts on Meghan and Harry’s famous Oprah interview and explains why he believes Prince Andrew’s links to Jeffrey Epstein will cause him to avoid the limelight.

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Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman discussed his new book Crisis Averted on the Mooch FM podcast in an Oct. 8th interview with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. Their wide-ranging discussion also touched on the British Royal Family and Scaramucci’s 2017 quick stint as White House Communications Director.

Listen to the full episode of Mooch FM here.

During the interview, Nierman explained what inspired him to write his new crisis communications book and how the flip side of crisis is often opportunity. He also shared his thoughts on Meghan and Harry’s high-profile Oprah interview and Prince Andrew’s links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

In a personal and humorous revelation, Scaramucci told Nierman that his crisis communications book contained excellent advice that could have helped him avoid his own PR crisis, which led to his prompt exit from the White House in 2017 after just 11 days.

In a related note, Nierman’s book says that it is critical to always be clear when something is “off the record” when speaking with reporters, and cites Scaramucci’s case as a key example of what can go wrong if you make assumptions about what information will or will not go public.

During the course of the conversation, Nierman expressed admiration for Scaramucci’s successful efforts to reinvent himself and make a comeback.

“I actually point to you as a great example that a crisis doesn’t need to be the end,” Nierman told Scaramucci.

Nierman, the leader of one of America’s top crisis PR firms, also asserted that celebrities are better positioned than regular people to handle online attacks and cancel culture because they are surrounded by teams of professional handlers who can help manage the negative attention. Regular people generally do not have the same kind of resources to fight back, he argued.

“I am frankly concerned by this rush to outrage, this us-versus-them mentality. I don’t think it serves our country well, I don’t think it serves business, well and I don’t think it serves the greater good,” Nierman said.

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