Red Banyan CEO Evan Nierman believes a 15-minute “huddle” may be the most important business meeting of the day. The noted crisis communications expert shared his views on daily business meetings in a recent edition of the online magazine Fast Company

In the article, Evan says brevity is one reason the morning huddle is so effective.

“The real beauty of the huddle is in its length. Keeping it to just 15 minutes ensures it never drags on while your team members get restless,” Evan explains in the article.

A morning huddle sets the tone for the day, connects employees who are working remotely and energizes the team as a whole, the article points out.

“Making the huddle the first order of the day creates an opportunity to “meet” face to face and gives people a good reason to show up on time every morning. Everyone is present and accounted for and has to be dialed in, both literally and figuratively,” Evan notes.

Evan is a widely-quoted expert on crisis communications. His media savvy and candid commentary have made him a go-to source for the press.

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