If you have never heard of online reputation management, then have no fear.  Reading this article will help you avoid falling behind the times and catch up fast on what you need to know.  After all, too much is at stake these days to be unaware of what people are saying about you, your brand or your organization online. In the virtual world, bad news travels at the speed of light and if you don’t address problems quickly, then the results can be disastrous or hold back your ability to succeed.

The online reputation rehabilitation experts at Red Banyan have the experience and knowledge to audit your organization’s website, social media accounts and overall online profile to make sure no one is posting negative or false information and comments about you or your brand. Knowing what to do if you discover unfavorable content is also important to safeguarding your online reputation.

Red Banyan’s team of online reputation management professionals can audit your online profile, including your social media channels and website, to ensure everything that represents your brand is the way you want it to be and to help you make changes if they are warranted. Red Banyan’s team of reputation rehab professionals are experts in social media management, content development, and communications strategy development. Our PR consultants will tweak your online profile, so that your overall engagement increases on all platforms.

Why Reputation Repair Matters

Your organization’s online reputation is the forward-facing profile that the world sees when someone looks your business up online. If negative content, false information or other unflattering commentary greets potential customers or clients, then they are likely to click away from your website or company and find the services or goods they seek elsewhere. Your online profile equals business and profits, so it needs to always be at its best.

Knowing how to tackle online reputation management like a crisis PR pro can be challenging. Our team of crisis PR and online reputation management experts have years of experience addressing online reputation issues.  We can help you make sure that your online profile is exactly as it should be. Red Banyan’s team of media relations and social media consultants use a system of measuring and reporting that will help your brand become more impactful and boost and improve its online footprint.

Your organization’s overall image stems from how your target audience perceives you and your organization based on what is said online about your brand. That is why it is so important to know exactly what is being said in reviews, social media posts, blogs and any other online content.

Red Banyan’s crisis communications and online reputation rehabilitation experts know how to overhaul a tarnished image and restore the shine if a problem is discovered.

Online Reputation Management Can Enhance Your Business Profile

Online reviews can play a critical role in determining the future success or failure of a brand. Bad reviews can break a brand, while good reviews can make a brand. But a business owner who is not paying attention to online conversations is missing opportunities to capitalize on the good and change the narrative wherever it is in need of improvement.

Consumers today commonly read online reviews before they eat at a restaurant, buy a car, purchase a new computer or sign up for a gym membership. Finding out how other customers have rated their buying experience has become routine. After all, if you don’t know what the public is saying about your brand, then you could be losing lots of new customers.

Red Banyan’s online reputation management specialists will take inventory of all online reviews related to your business and determine how the reviews are distributed. Good reviews can be used to create more positive content. Bad reviews may need to be addressed individually so that your business does not appear unresponsive or unconcerned. Our online reputation management experts will determine the scope of your problem and then find constructive ways to address any negative content.

Our team of PR professionals will guide you around the pitfalls and teach you how to watch for red flags before they morph into significant problems.

How Reputation Management Services Can Protect Your Company Image

Red Banyan’s reputation rehabilitation services can help you regain control of the narrative if negative or false comments are posted online about your company’s brand. The public relations and reputation rehab specialists at Red Banyan know that unfavorable comments can translate into lost revenue if customers react negatively and try to attack or “cancel” your brand.

Companies love getting good reviews but when the reviews are unfair, negative or damaging, it’s important to have a team of online reputation managers like those at Red Banyan on-hand to spring into action. Our team of ORM experts will respond to the negative reviews on review sites as well as your company website. Red Banyan’s team of online reputation management experts will ensure that this negative scenario is brought under control so that you can promote an image that is more favorable.

Companies that do not respond quickly to negative comments can undermine their legitimacy and cause long-term damage to their brand. Red Banyan’s public relations experts know what to look for, what to worry about and whom to contact if too much negativity surfaces online about your brand.

Online reputation repair and management is not a one-time effort but something that requires ongoing and consistent management to ensure a positive outcome. Knowing what is being said about your brand at all times is the only way to be certain your online profile is positive. Red Banyan’s online reputation repair experts know how to set up alerts that will tip you off if something unfavorable is posted online. Constant monitoring is a key way to truly safeguard your brand.

Create an Online Reputation Management Strategy

If you discovered that false content was being shared online about your brand, would you know what to do? Red Banyan’s team of online reputation management consultants can help you create an action plan, so you have a step-by-step process to address problems as they arise.

Creating a plan during a crisis wastes valuable time. Bad news can spiral out of control with lightning speed online, so it is important to spring into action fast. Red Banyan’s experienced reputation repair and management professionals will help you create a plan that considers an array of possible outcomes and includes a variety of ways to respond. Then, when something negative occurs, you will know what steps are the most appropriate to take.

Our experienced crisis PR consultants can recognize patterns, red flags and other issues from past cases to help inform decisions that need to be made to keep an unpredictable situation under control. 

Red Banyan’s team of PR experts know how important it is to lock down a message, be truthful and share that narrative online as quickly as possible. It is always a more prudent strategy to set the narrative and share your version of the story first, instead of having to respond to someone else’s false version of the facts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of online reputation management?

Online reputation management is the process of controlling the online narrative of a person, company, or brand. It consists of reputation protection, monitoring, crisis management, and reputation recovery. Studies show that 88 percent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase.

2. How is online reputation management done?

Online reputation management, or ORM, mainly works by responding to negative customer comments online and reacting to stories in the media, including both social and traditional, that paint your company in a bad light. For example, you might release a public statement addressing the content of the story or publish a social media post in response.

3. Why is online reputation management important?

The social proof in reviews and star ratings helps consumers shortcut their research and make decisions faster and with greater confidence. Not only do great reviews help give consumers trust in your business, but reviews can also help you rank higher in search engine results.

Red Banyan’s online reputation management experts and crisis communications professionals can audit your company website and review your social media channels to get a current snapshot of your online profile. Our online reputation management specialists can determine if you need to make changes to improve your online image. Contact Red Banyan for help!