It’s no secret that colors play an extremely important role in our lives. Studies show that colors have physical effects on our bodies and our states of mind. In fact, over 80 percent of consumers favor one product over another based primarily on their color associations.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a recent study called “How Images and Color in Business Plans Influence Venture Investment Screening Decisions,” found that using color red in your company’s logo scares off investors.

The rationale behind it?

Well, research suggests that people tend to make their decisions based on mental shortcuts associated with past experiences. The color red is said to carry negative associations imprinted on our brains from childhood, like a teacher’s red ink circling erroneous answers on tests. According to one recent study, investors were less likely to put money into companies whose products prominently featured the color red.

Red Banyan Group is proud to report, however, that it has been defying this convention since day one. Not only is color red an integral part of our logo and name, but it was strategically chosen to highlight the important and sometimes urgent nature of our work.

As a leader in high stakes communications and crisis PR, Red Banyan Group successfully guides its clients through high-risk situations on a daily basis. To us, red is the color of alertness, readiness and increased attention. These are the qualities for which we are known. These qualities have helped propel us to the top tier of strategic communications agencies.

So, regardless of what some research might suggest, red is our color, and we wouldn’t trade it for any other.

After all, flying in the face of convention is what we do best.