Top crisis management firm Red Banyan Group was spotlighted on the national news radio program NPR Morning Edition today. Red Banyan Founder Evan Nierman was called upon for his crisis PR expertise in a segment focused upon the recent collapse of the restaurant deck at a local Miami bar and grill.

Shuckers, a restaurant located in the Miami suburb of North Bay Village, was recently hosting a full crowd who had gathered to watch the NBA Finals. When Miami Heat fans on the eatery’s waterfront deck stood up to cheer, the structure collapsed and dropped nearly a hundred patrons into Biscayne Bay. The event left two dozen hurt, including two people who suffered serious injuries.

During the radio segment Nierman provided recommendations for how the restaurant could best manage its reputation following the unfortunate incident. He advised the business, which has largely avoided public comment, to provide its perspective on what happened, because if a company does not provide its side of the story during a crisis, then no one else will. Nierman encouraged Shuckers to accept responsibility for what took place and to lay out concrete steps it intends to take to ensure a similar incident never happens again.