Advancements in technology over the past decade have drastically changed the way people discover, process and share information. This, in turn, has significantly changed the public relations industry. And the new age of PR calls for an altered, strategic approach to leveraging owned, shared and earned media.

The proliferation of blogs, social networks and mobile devices has unequivocally changed the information landscape of our society. Traditional publications are no longer the gatekeepers of news or the primary source of authority for consumers. Content is now being created and shared by brands, publishers and consumers alike. New technology has given companies and everyday people the tools to “become” the media.

Many influencers, be they popular bloggers or social media gurus, are able to engage even greater audiences than many long-established newspapers. Being able to identify and foster relationships with these niche influencers is often easier than breaking into traditional media sources and can be extremely effective in building relationships with your target audiences.

Many brands have taken the processes of creation, advertising and publishing of content into their own hands, bypassing traditional outlets altogether in some cases. Those who do not have the capacity to handle these important PR elements in-house, should consider hiring an integrated public relations agency to foster this important area of brand-customer communication.

Adapting to the new media landscape and continuously adjusting your PR efforts will allow you to effectively utilize paid, earned and shared media. Content marketing has now become an essential element of modern public relations, and companies must learn how to take advantage of it or be left behind.