A new study released by the University of Missouri School of Journalism found that communicating on Facebook during a crisis improves public attitude toward the brand in question. Research participants’ perceptions of fictional groups in crisis significantly improved after they read Facebook posts from the organizations.

This research solidifies many of the crisis communications strategies Red Banyan Group has always emphasized. Keeping an open line of communication during a crisis is key because it positions your organization as transparent and builds credibility.

Facebook, in particular, is very valuable as it can be personal to some users and is often the main way they communicate with their favorite brands. Reaching out to core audiences with targeted content on a familiar platform is one of the most effective ways to spread your message and persuade important followers.

Too often, companies fall silent during times of crisis, which only leads to suspicion. As we frequently say at RBG, “If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.” In most cases, it advantageous to get ahead of the story by reaching your key constituencies before they get negative information from elsewhere.