Wendy’s social media team has scored another hit recently by engaging in a hilarious rap battle with chicken wings restaurant chain Wingstop on Twitter.

It started with a viral tweet suggesting that “GameStop, Wingstop” sounds like a line from Migos’s song “Bad and Boujee.”

Wingstop took notice and engaged with its own rap:

Then, a fan challenged Wendy’s to join the conversation:

…to which, the fast-food chain responded with a reference to Kendrick Lamar’s song “Humble..”

Wingstop fired back, igniting the rap battle that was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of Twitter users:

The epic rap battle continued for over an hour when, after 6 p.m., both sides decided that it was time to wrap it up. Despite the fiery exchange though, both brands ended it on a good note:

When it comes to a brand’s social media strategy, responsiveness and the ability to engage your audience in a way that is authentic to your brand’s image have always been key. And few brands do this better than Wendy’s. From hilariously roasting fans on Twitter, to the viral #NuggsForCarter tweet, to the many more instances of the irresistibly funny and quirky posts, the fast-food chain has been continuously successful in its social media campaigns.

The rap battle with Wingstop is just another example of how Wendy’s super-responsiveness and its smart and out-of-the-box approach to engaging fans on social media continue to give the brand a competitive advantage, boost its online presence and generate positive buzz for the company.

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