When Alex Jones was asked to appear on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight this past Monday, a heated debate was to be expected. Morgan and Jones have radically differing views on the issue of gun control, and the occasion of Jones’ appearance was to discuss his petition to “Deport Piers Morgan.”

Jones, however, didn’t leave much room for a debate to occur. The radio host essentially commandeered the interview by delivering a lengthy, high-decibel pro-gun rant, emphatically defending the Second Amendment rights of Americans and accusing Morgan of conspiring to suppress freedom. As Jones grew increasingly animated, Morgan occasionally tried to interject questions but mostly sat quietly through Jones’ several minute tirades. In his impassioned state, Jones made a number of hostile remarks, even suggesting the two have a boxing match and mockingly imitating Morgan’s English accent.

While it is important to deliver your key points during an interview, and passion can sometimes be effective, poor delivery can in some occasions overpower the message itself. As he grew increasingly belligerent, Jones undermined any possible credibility that his arguments held.

Jones’ rude behavior overshadowed his message and his wild demeanor left the impression of an unglued zealot.  For his part, Morgan chose to sit back and absorb the abuse, commenting afterward that Jones’ presentation was the best possible argument for the gun control policies that Morgan supports.

One lesson to be learned here is to that aggression is not the best way to communicate your message. Jones would have been much more effective if he had engaged in a discussion with composure by confidently answering questions and making his case.

Without question, the sparks that flew made for compelling live T.V., but contributed little to the gun control debate.  However, they did provide a stunning example of how NOT to behave during an interview.