As the Public Relations industry continues to grow and evolve, the roles and skillsets of PR practitioners evolve with it. So what does it take to be successful in a PR career these days?

To find out, we’ve asked all of the Red Banyan Group team members to list the ten most important skills for modern PR pros. Here’s what they said:

  1. Creativity

Public Relations professionals need to be creative, not only in their writing, but also in the way they think about and approach their campaigns. With so many products and companies competing for people’s attention, the ability to generate fresh and innovative ways to tell a client’s story is crucial for every PR pro.

Tip – Be open and aware. Change your routines.

  1. Problem solving

PR campaigns will inevitably challenge you to adjust you approach or completely change your plans in the middle of ongoing outreach. The ability to be resourceful and attack problems from different angles will serve you incredibly well in a PR environment.

Tip – Change your language about the problem from negative to positive.

  1. Time management & organization

PR pros work with multiple clients and need to constantly manage numerous tasks, deadlines and expectations. Being organized and punctual is a skill that most PR practitioners need to develop if they want to be successful in their careers.

Tip – Create to-do lists and set reminders.

  1. Writing and content creation

Effective writing is a cornerstone of the PR profession. Be it a press release, blog, op-ed, or other types of content, PR specialists are constantly employing their writing skills as part of their daily routine.

Tip – Practice makes perfect. Don’t wait for inspiration – just do it.

  1. Networking

Public Relations is intrinsically built on relationships. As PR pros establish productive connections between their clients and the public, their ability to network and interact with people becomes an integral part of their professional success.

Tip – Attend conferences and industry events.

  1. Media relations

The success and failure of many a PR campaign hinges on the ability of PR pros to secure positive media coverage for their clients. Knowing the ins and outs of the media industry and fostering productive relationships with journalists, editors and reporters is important for successful PR practitioners.

Tip – Do your research and build long-term relationships with reporters.

  1. Social media management

Today, social media has become a vital part of the Public Relations toolkit. Modern PR pros need to understand various social media platforms and how they interact within our information environment.

Tip – Create personal accounts on each social network

  1. Research

To craft an effective public relations strategy, PR practitioners need to have good knowledge of their client’s industry, its competitors, influencers, market trends and so on. Researching these and other factors is a continuous process and a necessary part of the PR profession.

Tip – Get smart about your client’s industry by reading industry journals and following industry experts and influencers on social media.

  1. SEO

As Public Relations continues to expand further into the digital sphere, PR pros now create more digital content than ever before. Adding search engine optimization skills to their repertoire, allows PR specialists to greatly extend their reach and increase their media footprint.

Tip – Make sure your online content is properly optimized for SEO with specific key terms associated with your clients’ products or services.

  1. Can-do attitude

PR campaigns can be stressful. At times, the sheer amount of work and the rapidly approaching deadlines can feel overwhelming. Staying motivated and maintaining a can-do attitude is everything for any PR pro who wants to be successful.

Tip – Stay positive and make sure you get enough sleep during the week.

What skills do you think are the most important for today’s PR professionals? Let us know in the comments section.